About Us

Who We Are

Essex International Select (EIS) is a youth soccer training academy and travel experience company based in Montclair, NJ. Our goal is to provide young athletes and their families with opportunities to participate in competitive and culturally enriching sports travel experiences both within the United States and worldwide. We offer a range of programs including camps, clinics, and specialised goalie training. At EIS, we serve as a platform for young soccer players to showcase their talent at national and international levels.

About Essex International Select

Mission Statement

For youth interested in academy soccer, Essex International Select is the soccer club that creates opportunities for youth so they can play competitively because of the accelerated program that we offer.

The Founder

Julio Franck Tsasse is a renowned soccer coach who started his debut as a Monaco Academy goalkeeper. He also scouts young talent to Paris Saint-Germain F.C. in France. His philosophy is work hard and play smart. His coaching style stands out among the rest. Julio’s passion for the game inspired him to start a soccer based charity, Kids in Cleats (501c3), wherehe helps underprivileged kids get scholarships and professional opportunities.
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